Why Robotics?

Create the next with the power of Robotics

  • Empowers children with critical and logical thinking
  • Nurtures sense of curiosity and love for life-long learning
  • Offers better career opportunities in Engineering and Technology
  • Teaches mathematical concepts from a wider perspective & makes children proficient

About the Program

It is a multi-disciplinary Robotics program with a specially designed curriculum to teach young children about Robotics.

The program utilizes hands-on activities to engage a child’s curious mind. Children learn to experiment, innovate & build robotic models & machines throughout the 9 progressive levels of the course.

About the Levels

  1. Funtronix
    • Learn basic electronics & have fun
  2. RoboTrix
    • Control models with remote device
  3. Solarix
    • Learn wireless communications
  4. RoboVi
    • Build logic with visual programming
  5. C-Robo
    • Make robots using embedded c programming
  6. Embetrix
    • Build real world applicable prototypes
  7. WalkO’Botz
    • Create unique moves with Humanoid

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Explore, Innovate & Create with STEM

STEM focuses on developing interest in machine learning through demonstrations, hands-on techniques & practical approach.

    • Application of scientific concepts and analysis of complex structures into easily understandable circuits.
    • Prototyping of tangible models, mobile, technology & solar powered devices within a high-powered & smart environment.
    • Creating & building robots with hands-on experimentation & practical approach to learning through programming & coding.
  • MATH
    • Understanding measurements & calculations for perfect movements while determining logical pattern & relationships.

Program Benefits

  • Develops Critical Thinking
  • Enhances Creativity
  • Inspires Innovation
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Improves Perseverance
  • Makes Children Confident
  • Ration Decision Making
  • Self Learning Ability

Class Duration: 2 Hours

Level Duration: 3-5 Months