Dynamic English Enrichment Program

What is ‘D.E.E.P’?

D.E.E.P stands for Dynamic English Enrichment Program. D.E.E.P is a personalized literacy course designed to complement the English language instruction of the regular school- day by:

  • Providing high-interest academic content in an engaging and supportive environment to enrich learning
  • Building foundational language skills to those students who may benefit from extra time and practice in order to become proficient in English.

A unique, progressive program:
experience the DEEP difference!

We pride ourselves on teaching some of the areas that are no longer taught at schools such as penmanship and cursive writing!

Students embark on a fun journey into the D.E.E.P sea levels from ‘Jellyfish’ to ‘Orcas’ while they master the skills and knowledge necessary to become proficient readers, writers, and speakers.

Dive into the DEEP!

Each week, a short lesson or activity focuses on a concept in the school-based curriculum. Lessons include vocabulary work, guided and group readings, comprehension strengthening and various writing activities. Ongoing assessments ensure students are ‘on-track’.  Each week, assignments are sent home as homework. The homework package is to be completed independently and returned the following week. Suggested completion time is 20-30 minutes each day. Each student will receive a writing/printing journal that is used for in-class activities. The students are also welcome to take classroom library books home each week to continue practicing their reading.

What makes D.E.E.P effective?
Why pick us?

By utilizing a top-quality, standardized assessment system, we pinpoint the learner’s precise strengths and difficulties and attend to them through meaningful instruction dedicated to ‘filling in the gaps’ (supporting learners in their areas of weakness).

Very small class sizes (maximum of 4 students) means that students get the attention he/she deserves!

Each student progresses through this structured program at his or her own pace.

D.E.E.P recognizes that every child learns differently and that’s why our program is tailored to each student and dynamically changes with his/her achievements.

D.E.E.P is comprehensive:

Our program covers the three main areas of the school-based curriculum:

Oral communication

This is what differentiates us from all others!

Yes, there is a ‘right’ way to teach!

Our program is research-based: D.E.E.P uses scientifically- based reading and writing instruction. For example, research shows that a skill known as ‘phonemic awareness’ lays the groundwork for good reading ability. This is just one of the ways our program makes sure each student benefits from the latest educational research. We take our jobs as professional educators seriously and “do our homework” by making sure our program follows the best evidence-based practices in the industry.

Learning Materials

Upon enrollment, each student receives a DEEP package, which includes:

  • Writing Journal
  • Weekly Homework Packages
  • Convenient Carry Pouch/Folder

Tuition Fee

$100/month (includes weekly, one-hour sessions)

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