Mental Math Program

Regardless of the education level, mental math is one of the most important skills required. Enroll your child in our award winning program, and let us help him or her become more proficient in mental math. In addition to enhancing your child’s arithmetic skills, our lessons can improve your child’s focus, concentration, creativity, imagination, visualization and audiovisual memory, which are the basic building block for any child’s development. They will become proficient in math but more importantly, it builds self-confidence and enhances self-esteem.

What Is UCMAS?

UCMAS is a child development program based on mental math and the abacus. The system is designed to boost the brainpower of children ages 4 to 13 years old.

UCMAS program is based on the ancient, simple but powerful Abacus tool that provides countable beads for children to visualize numbers. Children learn to manipulate those beads to perform arrhythmic calculations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students begin the program using the abacus to help visualize these calculations. Later, the students move on to mental math, where they are able to visualize the abacus in their minds and calculate quickly. This crucial concept of visualization or thinking in pictures leverages the right side of the brain and leads to dramatically higher levels of speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

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    In addition to enhancing math skills, the UCMAS approach promotes brain development and establishes foundational building blocks like memory, concentration, creativity, and problem-solving. These core skills inspire children to be more confident and successful in all subject areas.

    Since 1993, UCMAS has helped more than 1 million children around the world to discover the genius within themselves. The program equips young individuals with the skills they need to improve their overall academic achievement.

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