Our Team

For a quality learning experience, come to Nimble Brain Education in Windsor, ON. We have multiple Course Instructors on staff to teach Mental math and English. Additionally, we use advanced educational methods to provide your son or daughter with unique and exceptional learning experiences in a class environment.

What Sets Our Staff Apart?

Student-Oriented Approach

At Nimble Brain Education, we prioritize the future of our students. We help children become successful all around. Additionally, we do everything we can to ensure the well-being of our students.


Customized Programs

We make it a point to foster each of our students’ unique talents and abilities. By doing so, we help our students realize their potential. In addition, our personalized programs empower children to grow.

Forward-Thinking Methods

We believe that teaching and tutoring should not be limited to traditional educational methods. For our students to have a comprehensive learning experience, we provide a variety of fun activities to complement our lessons.

Call us today at 519-551-0448 to get a better idea of our tutoring team. Also, you may reach out to us if
you have any questions about our company and programs.